Why Use Agile Software Development Technology

Agile technology is a strategy that helps in creating quick solutions through recurring cycles of controlled project development. Agile strategy is extensively used by software development companies for creating quick and effective solutions for their clients. Agile technology involves occurrence of various different iterative cycles so that quick development of solutions is possible. This involves a requirement gathering phase, design phase, implementation phase and testing phase that occur continuously. The requirements are gathered and re-evaluated after each cycle. Meetings and conferences are held to discuss the project progress and next steps in software creation.

Some of the major benefits of using Agile strategy are:

Higher client satisfaction rate: As the client is kept involved during the entire project development phase therefore chances of client dissatisfaction are greatly reduced. Agile strategy provides clients an opportunity to actually see their product being developed therefore they can suggest and point out requirements that they feel are being overlooked.

Flexible strategy: Agile strategy is highly flexible and allows great scope for change and modifications in the solution. This is made possible by delaying the fixed elements of the software till the final project stages thus allowing developers to implement as many modifications as required. Clients requirements may change after sometime or new requirements may arise in between the development process; these needs could be easily accommodated in the software if Agile procedure is being followed.

Quick initiation and development of solutions: Project development can start even before clients have gathered all their requirements. Gathering all the specific requirements may take some time and this time can be effectively used for developing known project elements. Development can start for all the known requirements and clients can provide further requirements as the project progresses. This helps in creating a useful solution in much less time as compared to traditional processes.

The chances of product being released increase: It has been noticed that most of the products are not released or implemented due to various reasons. The solution may have become obsolete during the whole development time, it may not be what the client wanted etc. With agile strategy, clients know exactly what is being developed and how it is being created. Thus chances of software getting to the marketplace are increased. Further, organizations can get the most important part of the software first and implement it while the rest of the less important features are being added in it.

Cost effective solution in very less time: As agile methodology included the client at every stage of development process therefore their requirements are effectively communicated and chances of mis-communication are greatly reduced. This help in saving time that would have been spent on rectifying the mistakes made otherwise. The quick delivery of solutions also saves money for the client.

Almost every software development company and web development company implements agile strategy for project development. However, clients should make sure that the software development company they are hiring is well versed and experienced in agile methodology. This would require them to conduct some research and cross questioning the client about their previous projects and current development strategies.