Agile Software Development – Offers Great Adaptability at Any Stage!

A development methodology used in the software industry to produce accurate software within less time is known as agile development. As a result of advancement in technology, more and more software engineers are finding innovative ways of creating tools which are not only effective but also help to attain higher productivity and efficient work flow.

Open collaboration: The programmers have open communication channels in order to effectively manage the projects. They constantly update clients on the status of the project, so that, any changes to be carried out, will be incorporated on a timely basis. It also gives lot of scope for improvement and avoids any flaws in the initial stage itself.

Periodical project review and reports will keep the clients updated. Make your communication an unrestricted one! Assign the responsibility to a programming lead who will act as a liaison between the off shore company and the client. Management of these projects and timely resolution of the problems will take off the project well.

Iterative Development: With this, a client will be able to direct the process of development so that he can get special features incorporated to the software. Today’s project manager is under tremendous pressure to deliver results in the form of applications that are of high quality. Timely feedback gathered from the clients is used to improve the project during the project development stage.

Adaptability: The purpose of the project should be understood clearly. It should be able to bring in changes in future. Follow the DRY or Don’t Repeat Yourself principle so that there is scope for innovation and creativity. Such agile technology allows for adaptability at any stage. Project specifications can be changed in the final stage of development too.

The need to change the project specification may arise from the changes in the company structure or due to market demands.